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School Supplies (2 Payments of $62.50 / Total: $125)

School Supplies (2 Payments of $62.50 / Total: $125)



Save time, money, and avoid the crowds by purchasing your school supplies though our TeSA PTO! 


Our teachers prefer to have families pay for their school supplies through the TeSA PTO. The teachers do the shopping for you. They pick out the exact supplies needed for class, and and they save money by purchasing in bulk. 


This fee includes supplies for the Fine Arts teachers, too. For grades K-2, $5 goes to Fine Arts. For grades 3-5, $15 goes to Fine Arts. 


WHEN ORDERING, please include your child's full name and the grade they will be going into.


MULTIPLE CHILDREN: If you have multiple students at TeSA, please pay orders separately for each child.


COST: This is the payment plan option:  2 payments of $62.50, totaling $125. Make your first payment here, and then come back to make the second and final payment by August 5th. For your security, no credit card information is saved. Mark your calendar to remember to return to this page to make your final payment!

  • Remember to pay your second installment by Aug 5!

    Our website is NOT setup to send automatic reminders to pay your final installment of the school supplies fee. Please help us by setting a reminder in your calendar to pay the fee. This saves our PTO volunteers lots of time sending emails to families reminding them to pay. Thank you in advance!

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